Mandy Kinne

I’m a technical writer and editor with a passion for language, technology, and conveying knowledge to a variety of audiences. I love meeting and working with people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and professional levels.

About Me

I’m a technical writer with experience in a variety of industries. Because I’m naturally curious and inquisitive, I’m able to learn quickly about new-to-me technologies. I have written and edited a variety of documents, from PowerPoint presentations and proposals to man pages with user guides, developer guides, and more in between. I have exceptional communication skills with an emphasis on interpretation and translation of specialized language and concepts into easy-to-understand, well-structured text for a wide variety of audiences.

About This Portfolio

I created this portfolio using GitHub, git, and Netlify with template html and css files that I modified using emacs.

Writing Samples

Technical Blog Post
I researched and wrote this technical blog post for Addrex using Microsoft Word and Wordpress after having conversations with the sales team. The sales team repeatedly had to explain how to use Network Address Translation (NAT) to prepare and sell Internet Protocol (IP) address blocks in the company’s online marketplace and wanted a short article with all the information a C-suite executive would need to recommend NAT to their technical team. I worked with the sales team and technical product team to verify the information and the technical approach.
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IT and Application Support Process
I created this template and process using Microsoft Word for the Information Technology & Services (IT&S) group for a company that was receiving very bad customer ratings for outages in its mission-critical application, a contract the company won from a government agency and a large public infrastructure industry. In addition to that, the company was audited quarterly by Ernst and Young to verify that it was a neutral third-party in the industry; both the auditors and the industry requested that this process be documented. The initial draft I composed of this document satisfied the neutrality audit but the stakeholders (C-suite executives, Network Operations Center, Network group, Application Support, Information Security, the Customer Help Desk) and I agreed that there was room to improve the process and response time. This was the final draft that we negotiated internally, which was approved by the stakeholders and passed the subsequent neutrality audit.
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Release and Patch Notes Template
I created this FrameMaker template for release and patch notes for DSET Corporation so that other technical writers could create these documents. Only the first 3 pages of the document are included in the writing sample. Instructions for using the template are included in the text.
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Knitting Pattern
I created this original knitting pattern in 2017 for an all-purpose stuffed heart using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign.
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